Butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are mostly female tattoos and they come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. Butterflies tattoos are among the most popular tattoos designs, along with stars, cross, hearts and tribal symbols. The butterfly tattoo design, if you think about it, is a perfect subject for a tattoo. Taking any symbolism out of the equation for a moment, butterflies all by themselves are beautiful creatures. Butterflies come in all kinds of wild and wonderful colors that make them very visually appealing. With their delicate and expansive wings featuring colored designs of their own, a butterfly tattoo design simply takes advantage of the beauty that nature has readily provided.

Colors: Usually, a tattoo with more then three colors doesn't look well. The tattoos with butterflies are an exception from this rule. In fact, you can use as many colors as you wish for your butterfly tattoo. The only thing you should take care when you choose the colors for your butterfly tattoo is the quality of the ink. Some colors (like yellow, green and white) are fading very quickly and others (like black, grey and blue) are very persistent. So, if you have a butterfly tattoo coloured with blue and green, after a while the green-part will be faded while the blue color will remain vivid for many years. If you use a low-quality ink, the fading process will be accelerated and after a couple of months your beautiful-coloured butterfly will be pretty faded.

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On the other hand, if you choose a tribal design for your butterfly tattoo you should limit the number of colors of the tattoo. You can use one of these colors: black, grey, red and blue or a combination like black and dark red or black and steel-blue.

Location: a butterfly tattoo can be placed everywhere on your body. Here are some popular locations for this kind of tattoo:

  • in the lower-back: due to his symmetrical form, a butterfly design is considered a very suitable tattoo for this area; in this case it can be combined with a tribal tattoo
  • on the wrist. The wrist is a perfect place, especially if you want a small tattoo. In this case the butterfly design can be combined with a bracelet tattoo
  • on the ankle. Here, the tattoos can be hidden or shown depending on the occasion or your mood of the day. It can be integrated in a bigger tattoo (usually a floral tattoo) or can be used together with an ankle-bracelet tattoo.
  • upper arn and shoulder: these locations are preferred by men. A tribal design is very appropriate for these locations
  • back: the back is a perfect location if you want a big tattoo
  • nape: only for feminine tattoos. Ideal location for an elegant and sensual small-sized butterfly tattoo
  • lower abdomen, pelvis and hip: appropiate locations if you want en erotic tattoo. Women and girls can choose a stylized butterfly, a tribal black butterfly or a coloured butterfly. For a man it'd be better to avoid a colourful butterfly in those body areas

Additions: Many elements can be added to a butterfly tattoo in order to make it look great. You can add flowers, feeries, hearts, kanji, stars, tribal patterns, decorative lines, celtic symbols - almost everything. A butterfly tattoos can be integrated in a bigger design: floral tattoos, tribal tattoos and bracelet tattoos are the most popular choices when speaking about an "embedded" butterfly tattoo. Increasly popular are the eyes hidden in the butterfly's wings and the fusion between a tiger face design and a butterfly's wings.

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